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Society Talks 2021/22

Thursday evening lectures are provided for Swansea Astronomical Society members, however, potential new members or members of other astronomical societies should feel free to come along as a guest.

In addition to the events listed below, we hold regular member observation evenings, subject to weather conditions.

Our Yahoogroup for members' chit-chat is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/swanastro.

Thursday 04/11/2021
Using remote telescopes
Peter Williamson will give a talk entitled
'Using remote telescopes'
Online only Zoom
Thursday 18/11/2021
Stellar Evolution Part-2
Roger Pickard will give a talk entitled
' Stellar Evolution Part-2'
Online only Zoom
Thursday 02/12/2021
Active galaxies and Black Holes
Prof Ian Robson will give a talk entitled
'Active galaxies and Black Holes'
Online only Zoom
Thursday 16/12/2021
Observing planetary nebulae
Owen Brazzell will give a talk entitled
'Observing planetary nebulae'
Online only Zoom
Thursday 13/01/2022
Incoming! Preventing Earth-Asteroid Collisions
Dr Nik Whitehead (Trinity St David) will give a talk entitled
'Incoming! Preventing Earth-Asteroid Collisions'
Online only Zoom
Thursday 27/01/2022
Jon Gale (SAS) will give a talk entitled
Online only, Zoom
Thursday 10/02/2022
Infrared Astronomy
Matt Griffin will give a talk entitled
'Infrared Astronomy'
Online only Zoom
Thursday 24/02/2022
Solar Imaging in three wavelengths
Sheri Karl will give a talk entitled
'Solar Imaging in three wavelengths'
Online only Zoom
Thursday 10/03/2022
Astroparticles Part 2: Multimessenger challenges
Jeff Zorko (SAS)
will give a talk on 'Astroparticles Part 2: Multimessenger challenges'
Online only Zoom
Thursday 24/03/2022
Astronomy in the Mediterranean
Martin Lunn MBE FRAS will give a lecture entitled
'Astronomy in the Mediterranean'
Online only, Zoom
Thursday 21/04/2022
The Isaac Newton Telescope
Howard Davies (SAS) will give a talk on
'The Isaac Newton Telescope'
Online only Zoom
Thursday 05/05/2022
AGM, followed by Solar space projects and SOHO
After the AGM
Dr Helen Mason will give a talk on
'Solar space projects and SOHO'
Online only, Zoom
Thursday 30/06/2022
Seeing a black hole with the Africa Millimetre Telescope
Dr Rhodri Evans,(Botswana University of Science & Technology (BUIST)) will give a lecture on
'Botswana University of Science & Technology (BUIST)'
Online only, Zoom
Thursday 28/07/2022
Astrolabes and how to use them
Dr Nik Whitehead will give a talk entitled
"Astrolabes and how to use them".
Online only, Zoom

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